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Here's audio for the percussion quartet+ prepared piano version of break the levee



Here is a midi run-through of Perry La Marca's Tale of Six:



Tale of Six - REV0112.mp3



And, here's audio for David Smooke's Hazmats Sextet:

Hazmats Sextet.mp3


Here's the link that Andy provided, of a performance by Christian Wolff, Joey Baron (!), Larry Polansky, Robyn Schulkowsky, and Robert Black:




Here's the short electronic piece that will serve as intro to glint in river's bed.  Tiefe_revised.mp3


Here's the audio for the shockley, glint in river's bed from our performance last term in the Universty Art Museum.


glint in river's bed.mp3


Here's the score for Alvin Lucier's piece (Hartford) Memory Space.


Hartford Memory Space.pdf


And here's the draft score for the new Shockley piece.  (Performers for this are Justin, Taylor, Kaija, Jill, Andy, Sebastien, and one of our percussionists.)  The piece is not strictly metered, all rhythms are approximate.  There are a few dotted barlines and also some dotted vertical lines connecting notes to help with coordination.  I'll  have a clean copy of the score for each of you on Friday, but please print this now and read through/practice your lines before then, so that it won't be the first time you've seen it at the rehearsal. (Let me know if you have trouble downloading or printing the score.



Here's a link for the performance score of Terry Riley's In C.  Note: transposing instruments make sure you get the right version! http://imslp.org/wiki/In_C_(Riley,_Terry)




Here's midi playback for the Bauer piece. nowandagain.mp3


Here's a live recording of morgenstreich.  There are mistakes here, but the overall atmosphere is right.  morgenstreich.mp3


Below are youtube videos for Scenes I, II, and III of Martin Bresnick's Pine Eyes.



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